Two more deaths linked to mysterious German triple-death crossbow case

German B&B hotel in Passau.
More details have emerged after the first three deaths were discovered at the B&B in Passau, Germany, on Saturday. Photo credit: Getty Images

The case of the three people found dead by crossbow wounds at a German bed and breakfast has been linked to two additional deaths.

The mysterious case, where three bodies were discovered impaled by crossbow bolts on Saturday (local time), is allegedly thought to be a "killing on demand" pact by authorities. 

Two more deaths were reported on Monday, found several hundred kilometres away in one of the previous victims' apartments.

On Tuesday local police announced more details in the case that has baffled many.

The bodies of a 53-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman - believed to be a couple - were found in bed holding hands on Saturday. There were crossbow bolts in their heads and chests.

A second woman, aged 30, was discovered on the floor.

On Tuesday, Bavarian police confirmed they discovered wills which appear to belong to the deceased couple. Officials reported no evident signs of struggle, suggesting it may have been a murder pact.

German media reports the 30-year-old-woman, identified as Farina C., is believed to have shot the couple before shooting herself. Agence France-Presse identified the couple as Torsten W. and Kerstin E.

The hotel owner told local media that the group booked the B&B for three days and checked in together Friday evening without luggage.

The tranquil guesthouse is located on the outskirts of Passau, Bavaria, close to the Austrian border.

It's a case that has perplexed investigators as two more deaths were reported on Monday, 645 kilometres away in Farina C.'s apartment during a search by investigators.

The identities of the two women are unknown at this point, although police stated they are investigating their connection to the Passau deaths.

Anyone over 18 can legally purchase a crossbow in Germany, the German Shooting and Archery Foundation confirmed to local media.


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