UK primary school teacher pushed in front of a bus for confronting teens

The photo of the boy who shoved Geraldine Lynne in  front of a bus
The photo of the boy who shoved Geraldine Lynne in front of a bus Photo credit: Metropolitan Police

A woman was pushed in front of a bus for standing up to the teenagers who spat at her niece.

Geraldine Lynne, a 56-year-old primary school teacher, was assaulted after confronted two teenagers on Oxford Street in London.

Lynne and her 25-year-old niece were shopping on Saturday when the young boy and girl repeatedly stepped on her niece's heels.

"My niece turned around and asked them to stop, and I told the two teens to stand in front of us," Lynne told Evening Standard.

"I assumed it was an accident. A few moments later I heard them say 'three, two, one," and with that he spat at my niece."

She says the incident shocked her, and she got her phone out to photograph the boy who then became aggressive.

A bus pulled up at the junction near them and came to a halt.

"My niece saw him use both his hands and push me with full force. I landed in front of the bus," she said.

"I'm horrified to consider what might've happened if a 12-and-a-half tonne bus had run over me.

"It's just so violent. It's never happened to me before… it was frightening to think one small incident can escalate into being pushed in front of a bus," she said.

Police have released the picture of the boy Lynne took on her phone as they appeal for witnesses to the event.