'Morally bankrupt': British MP publically shamed on Twitter by former staff member

A former staff member for a British MP has chosen an unusual way to resign - publishing an extensive rant under the MP's own name, on his own Twitter account.

While the tweet was sent from Jared O'Mara's account, it wasn't actually a message from the MP.

Communications manager Gareth Arnold was resigning, taking advantage of his last moments on the account to publicly shame his boss in a furious online tirade.

"Comms Team singing off…forever," the tweet on O'Mara's account read.

The thread went on to tear the Sheffield Hallam MP to shreds.

"Jared you are the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You do not care about your constituents. You do not care about anyone but yourself," wrote Arnold.

"I cannot and will not defend you and your vile, inexcusable contempt for the people who voted you in. You selfish, degenerate prick."

Arnold continued on to say Sheffield Hallam, the area O'Mara represents "deserves so much better" and O'Mara had "wasted opportunities which people dare not dream of."

He finished by telling O'Mara to consider the string of Tweets his resignation.

O'Mara has yet to acknowledge the damning Tweets from his account, but the thread has received over 12,000 retweets and 40,000 likes.

On Arnold's personal Twitter account, there are more allegations.

"Just in case anyone wondered about last week's Look North interview - Jared drank a full litre of vodka beforehand at 11am. He's such a bloody laugh. Twat," wrote Arnold on Wednesday.

"Jared smoked in his parliamentary office and when he got questioned about it, he blamed his staff. Such a gent," said another.

In 2018 O'Mara quit the Labour Party after he was suspended for alleged homophobic and misogynistic comments he posted online.