US police officer's dashcam captures 'close call' with moose and its baby

The dashcam of a US police officer has captured the moment her patrol car almost collided with two moose. 

Officer Welsh of the Anchorage Police Department, Alaska was driving her patrol car when a moose and its baby tripped and fell while crossing the road in front of her.

The footage shows the cruiser slam on the brakes and narrowly miss the fallen baby moose, while the mother moose runs to safety.

The baby moose appears to be spooked as it sprints from the direction it came from, before running back in front of the patrol car and continuing to cross to the other side of the motorway.

The patrol car stays stationary until the baby moose runs out of sight.

The Anchorage Police Department posted the "close call" to their Twitter account, reminding locals to "be safe". 

"Officer Welch had a close call the other day while driving in her patrol car," a spokesperson wrote.

"Great reminder - we share this beautiful place with all kinds of wildlife. Keep an eye out and be safe."

The Anchorage Police assured locals that no one was injured in the near-miss, and the "mama and calf are okay".

"Our Alaskan drivers knew to slow down," they wrote.

According to Eco Climax, Alaska has one of the biggest populations of moose in the US, with the city's website estimating 1500 moose live in and around the city.