US woman denies leaving baby in hot car, claims death was accidental

A shopping mall.
The grocery store in Richmond the mother shopped at that day. Photo credit: Google Maps

The mother of a 10-month-old baby who died in a hot car says claims she left the child there while shopping are false.

The baby girl, identified as Luciana Kaye Diaz, suffered a cardiac arrest and died on the way to hospital after emergency services were called to the mother of the child's home in Richmond, Virginia.

At the time of the incident, sources of CBS6 claimed that the baby was left in the car while her mother went shopping at a local mall.

However, the mother claims she had the child with her throughout her shopping trip and the only time the baby was left alone in the car was when she returned home and was unloading groceries.

Even then, the mother claims the car's windows were down and the door beside the baby was open.

The only sign of any distress from the baby came while the groceries were unloaded when, according to CBS6, the baby was "throwing a fit" and had to be calmed down.

Once the groceries were all unloaded, the mother returned to the car to find her baby unresponsive.

Richmond police are investigating the death and told CBS6 that they are not treating it as suspicious at this stage, though the case is ongoing.


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