Donald Trump's assistant quits after 'off the record' chat with media

One of Donald Trump's closest aides has quit after a boozy "off the record" chat with reporters.

Madeleine Westerhout left the White House on Thursday after working with Trump since his administration began.

The abrupt exit was reportedly due to a boozy chat with reporters where she discussed private details about the President's family.

Among the claims are that she discussed Trump's youngest son Barron's eating habits, and said the President did not want to be photographed with his daughter Tiffany because she's overweight, the Daily Mail reports.

Trump rubbished the claims and said he would be talking to Tiffany directly about it.

"I look forward to talking to her. I'll be talking to her as soon as I get - and I love Tiffany. Tiffany's a great person."

Trump's youngest daughter is 26 and currently studying law at Georgetown University.

Westerhout had been part of the administration since it began and worked as a personal assistant to the president.

The New York Times reports she was seen as a gatekeeper to the president and regularly travelled with him.

The incident took place on August 17 during Trump's recent "working vacation" in Bedminster, New Jersey.   


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