'I see you wanna die': Woman allegedly burns down house of man who fell asleep before sex

New Jersey police were called to a fire allegedly started by Taija Russell.
New Jersey police were called to a fire allegedly started by Taija Russell. Photo credit: Woodbury Fire/Police Department

A US woman was so upset when the man who'd invited her over for sex fell asleep before she got there that she allegedly burned his house down.

Taija Russell, 29, had been invited to the unnamed man's New Jersey house for a late-night tryst on the evening of August 4. 

But when she arrived, he wouldn't respond to her texts or let her in - he'd fallen asleep.

Infuriated at being left stranded outside, Russell headed to a local petrol station and was seen buying matches, a lighter and fluid, NJ.com reports. She then returned to the house and allegedly set it on fire with the man - and his dog - still inside.

Police said Russell had repeatedly tried to call the man and texted him a slew of threatening messages, including "You wasted my money to come out here", "U smoked" and "I see you wanna die".

When the victim woke up to find his house ablaze, he managed to escape through a window, suffering first and second-degree burns as well as smoke inhalation. Dressed only in a T-shirt, he ran to the closest police station to report the fire at 4:30am.

Fire crews raced to the scene but the house and its contents were destroyed. Happily, the man's dog was saved from the fire. 

Russell was arrested a week later and charged with attempted homicide, aggravated arson, aggravated assault, endangering or creating substantial risk of death and criminal mischief.

The victim told police Russell was his "side chick" - a colloquial term for a mistress or other non-exclusive sexual partner.