Naked triple-murder suspect absconds from Virginia police

A US teen murder suspect who allegedly killed three members of his family has been arrested after running, naked, from the police.

The alleged triple-murder was reported to authorities in Virginia on Tuesday (local time). A woman's body was discovered by police in the driveway of a Pittsylvania County home. The bodies of a child and another woman were also located inside, WSLS reports. 

The 19-year-old suspect, Matthew Bernard, has been referred to as a "white male, armed with a rifle and considered very dangerous" by local police.


Seven local schools were reportedly on lockdown during the search for Bernard, WDBJ reports.

Later on Tuesday, Bernard reportedly emerged, naked, and ran towards a media staging area where reporters were standing. 

Video footage captured Bernard chasing an armed officer, who allegedly used pepper spray to ward off the naked suspect. Bernard then attacked a bystander, grabbing a man by the neck as he attempted to get into a truck.

Officers chased Bernard away from the civilian, and were able to apprehend the naked suspect a short while later.

Suspect being apprehended
The suspect was apprehended after a short police chase. Photo credit: ABC13/Screengrab/Facebook

A motive for the alleged triple-murder is not yet clear. Bernard is now in police custody.

The three victims are believed to be the 19-year-old's mother, sister and niece.


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