US police officer lucky to be alive after wild ride on speeding car

A police officer in the US is lucky to be alive after being taken for a wild ride, hanging out of the window of a speeding car driven by a fugitive driver.

The routine stop in the state of Georgia ended in a chase through Atlanta's streets as the speeding driver attempted to knock the officer, clinging to his window, off of the vehicle. 

Local authorities initially caught the driver texting behind the wheel. After he was pulled over, the driver suddenly put the car into gear - dragging the officer with him as the cop attempted to stop the man from speeding away.

Police dashcam footage captures the officer hanging from the window as his partner pursued the speeding vehicle.

The driver deliberately swerved into a van, the impact flinging the cop onto the road.

"Oh my god, need help! Officer down, officer down, 1080, 1080," his partner can be heard yelling in the background.

The impact left the cop injured, but alive.

"He could have easily been killed by being squished in-between the cars, or being run over," said a fellow officer.

The driver was allegedly speeding at 90 miles per hour (144 km/h) as he weaved in and out of traffic.

The driver eventually ditched the car following another crash. He was soon caught, and is now facing several charges.

The officer says he will "bounce back ten times stronger" as he recovers at home from his injuries.

The officer says he will "accept donations in the form of sweets, cookies and cupcakes with sprinkles" after surviving the ride of his life.

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