US woman caught on camera harassing Muslim mum at a water park

A woman has been caught on camera angrily harassing a Muslim mother at a Philadelphia waterpark.

Video of the confrontation was posted to Instagram on Tuesday by Zafirah Moore.

Moore was at the water park, Sesame Place, with her children when the confrontation occurred. 

In the video, a white woman in a black bathing suit grimaces at the camera while holding her middle finger up towards Moore, repeating "here, here," as she shakes her finger in the Moore's face. 

Moore says she was in hijab at the time of the confrontation, and alleges the woman told her to "go back to where she came from," although this is not captured on camera.

"This is terrible, this is horrible," Moore can be heard saying.

"She told me to go back to where I came from," she continues.

The other woman interrupts, telling Moore to "go f**k" herself. She also calls her a "bitch."

Immediately after this, the white woman appears to shove Moore and starts to scream "don't take no pictures of me!" repeatedly.

In the background a baby can be heard crying, as Moore tells the woman not to touch her again.

"She got babies crying! It's terrible! Who are you to tell me to go back to where I came from?" she says. 

The video has gone viral, with over 10,000 views on Moore's Instagram page.

A spokesperson from Sesame Place, told CBS the woman was kicked out of the park and will not be allowed to return. 

Moore told CBS she wants to press charges against the other woman, who has not yet been identified. 



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