Australia passes legislation to stop 'vegan terrorists' invading farms

The Australian Senate has created new offences in the hope of stopping animal welfare activists invading farms.

According to The Canberra Times, anyone inciting others to trespass on farms, destroy farm property or steal from farms could now face jail time.

The legislation - passed on Thursday - was proposed by the Australian Coalition after the emergence of an online map detailing the location of farms the map deems exploitative of animals. There have also been a recent string of farms being vandalised by activists.

Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said that militant animal activists were imposing their ideology on the broader public and shouldn't be allowed to encourage people to go into farms to protest their operations.

"It's not a badge of honour to walk around and say 'Yay I've been locked up for sticking it to the man, sticking it to Australian farmers' - you're actually a criminal."

Government Minister Zed Seselja said it was about supporting farmers and criticised the Green Party's opposition to the legislation.

"The Greens have of course made it clear they are on the side of the vegan terrorists."

But Greens senator Jordon Steele-John said the legislation was unnecessary and more should be done on animal welfare instead.

"It seeks to impose upon activists penalties that exceed the penalties which are to be faced by those who abuse animals in the most horrendous way," 7News reports the Senator as saying.

One Nation's Pauline Hanson praised the legislation, saying invaders were "morons, ratbags and idiots".

"They are actually killing animals. They are actually seeing the death of animals."