US Uber driver accused of kicking a lesbian couple out of her car

The Uber driver.
The Uber driver. Photo credit: Kristin Michele/Facebook

An Uber driver in the US has been accused of kicking a lesbian couple out of her car on the basis of their sexuality.

Kristin Gauthier claims the Uber driver became confrontational after seeing Gauthier peck her girlfriend on the way to a concert in Oaklyn, New Jersey, 7 News reported. 

After witnessing the "kiss on the cheek", the driver immediately pulled over and told the couple they were "not allowed" in her vehicle.

Gauthier started recording the exchange on her phone, later uploading the footage to Facebook.

"She said, "you need to get out of my car... I won't have that in my car," Gauthier captioned the video.

The driver allegedly told the couple she did not support their relationship due to her Christian beliefs.

Gauthier told local media that her girlfriend, who has experienced discrimination for being openly gay before, quickly exited the vehicle after informing the driver she also identifies as Christian.

"Are you kicking me out because I'm gay?" Gauthier can be heard saying in the video.

"Yes, I am," the driver replies.

The driver attempts to swat the phone away as Gauthier continues to record her.

The altercation contines to escalate, the driver repeatedly telling the women to "get out". Gauthier can be heard using an expletive.

"I can reject any ride I want," the driver objects, as Gauthier argues she is a paying customer.

Despite the driver's claims, Uber's guidelines strictly prohibit any discrimination.

In a statement to 7 News, Uber spokesman Grant Klinzman said "Uber does not tolerate discrimination" and the driver has since been banned from the app.

Gauthier has expressed regret for her language in the video, but is pleased with Uber's response to the situation.

"People need to know that it does happen, and it's not right," she said.

A number of rideshare drivers have reportedly reached out to Gauthier since the incident, offering their support.


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