Car flips in parallel park gone wrong in Canada

The driver and her passenger were both injured in the accident.
The driver and her passenger were both injured in the accident. Photo credit: Global News / Screengrab

Most of us can admit that parallel parking is not always the easiest thing to do in the world. 

But with a bit of practice, it usually gets easier with time.

For one driver in Vancouver, however, it seems that wasn't the case.

Dashcam footage taken from a nearby vehicle shows the moment a black Honda Accord makes a bizarre muddle of a parking attempt.

The video shows the car reversing into the parking space. At first, everything seems to go as planned, with the vehicle easing backwards. But then, the car suddenly accelerates backwards, crashing into a nearby building and flipping to land on its roof.

According to CTV News Vancouver, two pedestrians were hurt in the crash. The driver, an elderly woman, and her passenger were also taken to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Police at the scene expressed confusion at what exactly happened.

"It does appear to be a strange accident," Sergeant Aaron Roed told CTV News. 

"We are wishing [those injured] a speedy recovery, and all the best for them to get better,” Roed added.


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