US study shows Orlando theme park attracts a high rate of crime

Crime rates near the Orlando Universal Studios are higher than the national average.
Crime rates near the Orlando Universal Studios are higher than the national average. Photo credit: Getty

A US study has found crime rates are higher near popular theme parks.  

Researchers from the Monash University of Texas surveyed patterns of crime around  Orlando's Universal Studios in Florida.

The study found offence rates increased by 198 percent in neighbourhoods within a mile of the park. Hotels, bars and restaurants played a major part in the trend. 

Dr Alex Piquero from the University of Texas at Dallas told company Taylor and Francis the study "highlights an important relationship between theme park tourism and crime." 

The researchers used data from the Orlando police and FBI to highlight the growing crime rate in the area. 

According to the researchers, crime rates were increased by 19 percent in areas with just one of these 'attractors'. 

In Orlando during 2017, a total of 6,198 violent and property crimes were recorded in comparison with 2,756 nationally. 

The study revealed crime rates in Orlando are higher than the national average.

Researchers found the location blocks close to the Universal Studios had higher crime rates while the further away an area was from the Universal Studio, rates decreased by 14 percent. 

Researchers recommend reducing the number of hotels, bars and places around theme parks that attract crime and include safety suggestions for tourists on using cash machines. 

The study indicates the need for more strategies by police to combat areas close to the theme park with high rates of crime.


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