Elon Musk performs uncomfortable 'not safe for work' dance on stage

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is known for electric cars, space travel and PayPal, but on Tuesday he showcased one of his lesser-known skills - dance. 

At the launch of Tesla's electric sports utility vehicle programme in Shanghai, the chief executive entered stage right before launching into an uncomfortable-looking jig.

There was some off-tempo bouncing, a sea-shanty inspired arm movement and some backwards shuffling.

But he didn't stop there. Musk then handed the microphone off to an assistant so he could really get down.

With his hands now free, Musk stripped off his business jacket to reveal he was wearing a t-shirt over his business shirt, with the large white collar protruding.

Now free of his business exterior and exuding huge dad-on-holiday-vibes, Musk wound up his routine with some more bouncing before finishing strong with every drunken uncle's favourite - walking like an Egyptian. 

The crowd seemed to love his display with screaming and clapping clearly audible over the thump of techno. 

Musk himself called his moves "NSFW" (Not safe for work) in a Tweet. 

The dance was witnessed by Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong and other senior government officials, reports Reuters.

The moment has gone viral on Twitter with people comparing Musk's moves to the now-infamous dance of former British Prime Minister Theresa May.