Aussie mum sparks debate with housework routine

Australian mum gets up 4:30am to start her housework.
Australian mum gets up 4:30am to start her housework. Photo credit: Today Show / Facebook

An Australian mum of four has attracted a lot of media attention after sharing her extensive household routine which has been slammed as living in the '50s. 

Brisbane local Brooke Smith posted on the Mums Who Organise, Clean, Cook and Chat Facebook group on Monday, revealing her lengthy chore list, which can see her not going to bed until midnight. 

She wakes up every morning to make her husband breakfast before he goes to work… at 4:30am.

"I always make sure I don't go to bed until everyone's lunches are packed, their clothes are set out for the next day including my husband's and the house is clean," she wrote.

"Sometimes it means I get to bed at nine sometimes that means I get to bed at midnight but I always get up early (4:30 with husband to make his breakfast and coffee)," she posted. 

Then she will do her face and hair and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before she gets her boys up 5:45am.

Brooke Smith's post.
Brooke Smith's post. Photo credit: Mum's who organise, clean, cook and chat/Facebook

Brooke ended her post with: "Happy mum equals happy households do it even when you feel like not doing it because you'll be happy for it the next day."

She has three boys all under five, and a girl aged six.

Smith sparked debate on her post, with some women envying her motivation 

"I think you are fantastic. I wish i was like you. Then my life would be so much easier," commented Debbie Meier. 

"You are a super mum!" said Nicole Mcnally. 

But others just didn’t agree with her lifestyle.

"Wow, where is your life? Wouldn't you rather go to bed with your hubby than be up cleaning your kitchen?" asked Porrs Renee. 

"Wow, you are keen. That sounds like a scene straight out of the '50s. My husband is an adult and can find his own clothes. The kids will also learn independence if you let them do the same," posted Cheryl Mason. 

"Sorry, couldn't hear you over all the s**t on my floor," commented Catherine Savage, 

Smith told she was not surprised her post started debate, but was annoyed people jumped to conclusions about her. 

Her husband works in construction and together they run a business. 

"I think that if someone works hard in the sun all day and now after hours to make their business work, I think it is the least I can do and he shouldn’t be expected to come home and cook and clean," Smith told