Man waves Nazi flag at Bernie Sanders rally

A man has been kicked out of a Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix, Arizona, for waving a Nazi flag.

Video shows as soon as the man unfurled the swastika, he was booed and escorted off the premises by security.

"We can argue about which candidate should get the Dem nomination, but antisemitic acts have no place in this world. This is absolutely abhorrent," Steven Slugocki, the chairman of the Maricopa County Democratic Party in Arizona, posted on Twitter.

Sanders, who did not see the flag but heard the boos, told the crowd "whoever it was" that caused the disruption was "a little outnumbered tonight", reported CNN. 

"More importantly, they're going to be outnumbered in November," he continued.

Later, after finding out the cause of the commotion, Sanders made a statement.

"I will simply say this - and I speak not only as a Jewish-American, I think I can speak for the families of some 400,000 American troops who died fighting Nazism, fighting fascism. That is, it is horrific. It is beyond disgusting to see that in the United States of America. There are people who would show the emblem of Hitler and Nazism," he told media. 

Sanders is running for the Democratic Party nomination to take on Donald Trump in this year's US presidential election. 

One man on Twitter said he and his son were in the crowd. 

"The crowd surrounded this individual, ripped that hateful rag out of his hands and he did a Sieg Heil but was knocked down and promptly arrested. Sickening," he wrote.