US Politics: Democratic presidential nomination all about Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is all about Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders since Elizabeth Warren is seemingly on the way out.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg quit the race after conceding that money couldn't buy him votes.

Super Tuesday delivered a string of victories that Biden's staff are calling unstoppable "Joementum".

But the man with more billions than he knows what to do with, came away with just a handful of voters.

Bloomberg tweeted he'd entered the race to defeat President Donald Trump and was now leaving it for the same reason.

"Defeating Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. It's clear that is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden."

It is yet another big name endorsing Biden, but Sanders found a way to turn that into his own campaign battle cry.

"Joe is running a campaign which is obviously heavily supported by the corporate establishment. At last count, he has received funding from at least 60 billionaires.

"Does anyone seriously believe that a president backed by the corporate world is going to bring about the changes in this country that working families, the middle class and lower-income people desperately need?"

Now Warren is under pressure to drop out to help Sanders, and Trump is trying to ensure it hurts as much as possible.

"Had she left, you pick up Massachusetts, Minnesota and probably Texas. She was very selfish from that point-of-view. Now, do I care? No, because we're just waiting to find out who we're running against,” Trump said. 

Trump clearly fancies his chances against the man he calls "crazy Bernie" better than his odds against Biden

But the Democrats must be aware that Biden is gaffe-prone, including one time when he was debating domestic violence.

"We have to just change the culture, and keep punching at it."

Sanders seemed unstoppable in the week leading up to Super Tuesday, but now Biden's campaign has erupted.