Patrick Gower meets Bernie Sanders the morning of Super Tuesday

Hopeful Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders was spotted taking a walk in his neighbourhood by Newshub's Patrick Gower the morning of Super Tuesday.

Sanders lives in Burlington, Vermont and appeared to be walking home when the pair met.

Gower greets him with a big wave before saying he's from New Zealand and "came a long way" to see Sanders.

But the Senator brushes him off by saying he'll see him later tonight, presumably when votes come in for Super Tuesday.

"Now is not a good time," Sanders replies. 

Gower tells Sanders that Kiwis "like you quite a lot".

"We know that you like our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and I guess I always wanted to ask, we know what kind of president… you'd be for the United States, but what about for the world?"

But before he can answer, Sanders walks down his driveway where his wife, Jane, is at the door.

"Bernie, there's a phone call for you," she says.

"Sorry to trouble you guys," Gower replies. 

One supporter of Sanders who was out voting believes he's the best candidate for the presidency.

"I admire Bernie very much, and I think that he has the best shot at getting the current president out of the office," she says.

So far on Super Tuesday, Sanders has won the Democratic primary in California, Colorado, Utah and his home state Vermont.