Melbourne father speaks out after son was allegedly rammed by police car, kicked in the head during violent arrest

An Australian father has slammed the Victoria Police after his son was allegedly rammed by a police car and kicked in the head by officers.

Timothy Atkins was arrested on Sunday in Epping, Melbourne after he went to Northern Hospital, 7News reported.

Atkins, 32, had been recieving treatment for mental health issues, but left, prompting hospital staff to call police.

Footage from the arrest shows a police car ramming Atkins from behind pushing him several metres along the road.

Another video appears to show police officers kicking him in the head while he kneels on the ground.

Atkins' father Glenn told 7News he was disgusted by the violent arrest.

"It could've killed him," Glenn said.

"These people need to be held to justice and [be] accountable."

Glenn told the Herald Sun the footage was "like watching a video from America, or Beirut". 

"They were kicking him and he wasn't even fighting back. It was extremely excessive," he said.

"Timothy is a gentle giant, he has never been in trouble with the law. I feel sick to my guts, I am filled with anger seeing that video. I couldn't sleep last night, I am full of anger and sadness."

Victoria Police said in a statement that officers were called to Cooper Street at about 4:10pm to reports of a man behaving erratically.

"Upon arrival the man allegedly became aggressive and damaged a police vehicle whilst attempting to avoid arrest," they said.

"During the highly dynamic incident a police officer was assaulted and OC spray was deployed before the man was arrested and subsequently taken to hospital for assessment.

"The arrest has been referred to Professional Standards Command for oversight."