Police call for mystery caller to come forward over Kiwi Ian Pullen's death in Australia

A mystery caller has revealed new information about the killing of a Kiwi firefighter in Australia.

Ian Pullen was killed in New South Wales after being hit by a car on September 29, 2018. 

Two years on, police have reopened the case after a caller told investigators the vehicle returned to the scene to check on him.

The 43-year-old pilot had been in Australia for one day to help the Hunter Region through its bushfire season.

But in the early hours of the morning, Pullen was hit and killed while crossing the road.

Police believe the driver, who fled the scene, was in a white ute.

"We do have information to indicate that occupants returned to the scene, got out of the vehicle and approached Mr Pullen while he was still alive," a police spokesperson said on Monday.

Detectives are asking the anonymous caller to come forward to clarify information given to them.

Pullen's wife Vicki is pleading for answers.

"We need that person to follow up, we need that person to ring again and to come forward," she told Newshub.

"To know that not only did they hit him and they were aware they hit him, but they came back and they just left him to die on the side of the road."