US Election: Trump 'too divisive', world wants to move on - Mark Richardson

Donald Trump has become such a divisive figure that most of the world wants to "move on" from him, according to The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson.

Richardson made the comments after he and co-hosts Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies had finished speaking to Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower, who's in the US covering the knife-edge election between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, during Thursday morning's show.

With the race entering its second day, Biden holds a narrow lead in key states Wisconsin and Michigan, but Trump continues to claim without evidence that election fraud is being committed and has threatened to go to the Supreme Court.

Richardson, who's openly centre-right on the political spectrum and previously defended Trump, believes it's time to move on from the incumbent Republican President.

"I would, without doubt, be a Republican if I was in America - just like I am a Nat [National voter] here," he said.

"The number one issue for me - that sways my vote every time - is free-market economies [and] less tax which is what the Republicans are. They have some social policies I strongly am against."

But Richardson went on to admit he wouldn't be able to vote for Trump this time around.

"The reason why is; I just want to move on and I think a lot of the world wants to move on," he said.

Richardson added that Trump was "too divisive".

"Moving on means that the Democrats come in. You have to go, 'alright, I trust that they won't move the economic needle too far in the wrong direction', just like I have to accept in this country that [Finance Minister Grant] Robertson's a safe set of hands - a lot of his policies I don't totally agree with but he probably won't move the needle far enough to damage this country.

"I have to put some faith in the other side as I do now to say, 'look, can we just all move on?'"

With millions of ballots still to count, the US election race remains too close to call. CNN's latest count shows Biden with a lead in the Electoral College with 253 votes to 213.

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