Muddy, naked Australian fugitive found by crab fishermen in crocodile-infested waters

Two men in Australia now have a bizarre story to tell after they stumbled across a muddy, naked fugitive in crocodile-infested waters during a recent fishing trip.

Cam Faust and Kevin Joiner found the 40-year-old man on Sunday afternoon while they were laying crab traps in a creek north of Darwin and heard someone calling for help.

As they got closer to the man, they found him clinging to branches, dirty and covered in bug bites.

"We thought he was having us on, taking the piss, and then we went closer and realised the severity," Faust told 9 News.

"Completely naked, cuts all over him, swollen feet, covered in mud."

Luke Voskresensky had been on the run for days after allegedly cutting his ankle bracelet and evading police, according to 9 News, but he ended up trapped in the croc-infested creek in the East Point area and was forced to eat snails to survive. He was wanted on an arrest warrant for allegedly breaching his bail conditions over an armed robbery.

The trio shared a beer and gave the man some shorts as they brought him back to shore. They then called an ambulance and he was taken to hospital, where he remains under police guard.

Faust said he wanted to visit Voskresensky in hospital, but decided against it when he discovered why he was found in the middle of nowhere.

"I was going to go visit him in hospital and my partner's a paramedic saying 'he's in hospital with handcuffs on, two cops babysitting him', so we were like oh, maybe we'll leave it."

Northern Territory police northern watch commander Len Turner confirmed Voskresensky was a wanted man.

"He was placed into custody and is now at Royal Darwin Hospital being treated for the harsh conditions that he subjected himself to," Turner told The NT News.

"While at large it is alleged he has committed further offences, and for the last few days he's been avoiding police by hiding out at scrubland in Howard Springs and Palmerston areas."