Australian mum discovers hundreds of spiders in daughter's bedroom

A Sydney mother has made a horrifying discovery in her daughter's bedroom which some people say merits "burning the house down".

A woman claiming to be the mother's friend posted a video on Twitter, showing dozens of spiders in the corner of the daughter's bedroom.

"There's maybe 50, 60," the woman can be heard saying, downplaying the severity of the spider infestation.

The camera then pans to the other corner of the bedroom where hundreds of arachnids are spilling down from the ceiling.

"But look - there's more," she continues. "We are never ever going to have mozzies again."

Comments on the tweet suggested the woman go full scorched earth on the infestation by moving out or burning down her home.

One person suggested the sheer number of spiders meant that the house was now theirs.

Huntsman spiders are not poisonous but can deliver a nasty bite according to Australian Geographic.

They can grow up to 15cm in width - but despite their intimidating size, huntsman spiders can be an ally in the house; they help with pest-control by eating smaller insects.