Terrified Australians capture moment 'monster' crocodile eats two small sharks on Queensland beach

Terrified Australians were shocked to see a "monster" crocodile devouring two small sharks on a Queensland beach.

Locals Yvonne and Tony Palmer were fishing near Cardwell in the state's far north on Sunday morning when the reptile, which is estimated to be four to five metres long, surfaced from the water.

Yvonne videoed the incident, and can be heard saying, "holy smackers, check out this monster".

"Oh my lord… That's the biggest crocodile I've ever seen in my life."

She says she'd just caught a shark but couldn't get it back into the water because "this fella was coming".

The large saltwater crocodile is seen eating up two small sharks which the couple caught just moments before. It then goes back into the water and swims away.

The reptile appeared unfazed by people on the beach and it returned to the water with a shark in tow.

"F**k me dead, I cannot stop shaking," Yvonne says. "Welcome to Cardwell, north Queensland."

Yvonne shared the video on her Facebook page and apologised for her language in the footage.

"Sorry about all the foul language guys but I was shitting myself."