UK police officer punches Polish cafe worker after business breaches lockdown rules

A UK police officer is caught punching a cafe owner in a viral video after reports the business was breaking COVID regulations.

Police were initially responding to calls there were "about 100 people" present inside the Kate and Luc Cafe in Manchester on Sunday.

The cafe owner, Lucjan Domanski, is seen telling police to "get the f**k out" before cafe-goers, who are neither wearing masks or social distancing, applaud.

The Polish cafe is then ordered to shut its doors.

Outside the shop, the exchange between Domanski and the officer turns violent as the officer is seen punching Domanski, while the large group of cafe-goers come to his defence.

"Why are you beating him up? What are you doing?" says a man off camera.

"Get your hands off him," a woman shouts.

Three police officers at the scene detain Domanski, who is being charged for assaulting an officer.

Greater Manchester Police say in a statement the video has been referred to its professional standards branch for review after concerns from the public.

The cafe has been fined £1000 (NZ$1903) by Manchester City Council for breaking lockdown rules.

In August, 2020 the cafe owners posted to their Facebook account that COVID-19 "propaganda" didn't apply to them.

"We are open as usual. No muzzle needed when you get here," the account said.

The cafe posted to Facebook that it would be closed for a short while after the incident on Sunday.

"We don't know when we are going to reopen again, but it won't be long," the owners said.

They have since created a Gofundme which has raised £10,908 (NZ$20,735) in eight hours.