Joe Biden's dog bites another staff member, just weeks after previous attack

Joe Biden with Major.
Joe Biden with Major. Photo credit: Delaware Humane Society

Joe Biden's dog has bitten another staff member just weeks after an incident which saw both the President's dogs temporarily removed from the White House.

First Lady Jill Biden's press secretary confirmed three-year-old Major "nipped" someone while on a walk in the grounds.

Michael LaRosa told CNN the dog is "still adjusting" to his new home.

Two people with knowledge of the incident told CNN the German Shepherd bit a staff member who was on duty at the time, forcing them to seek medical attention from the White House's medical unit. 

LaRosa says this visit was out of "an abundance of caution" and the person returned to work shortly afterwards. 

It's the second bite this month. On March 8, Major caused an injury to a Secret Service employee - doing enough damage the person needed treatment from the White House medical team.

Both dogs - Major and Champ - were sent to the Biden's hometown of Delaware after this incident, although Biden said this visit was pre-planned and not a result of the bite.