Swiss city offers homeless one-way tickets to other countries if they agree to not return

Swiss city offers homeless one-way tickets to other countries if they agree to not return
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Switzerland's third-largest city has offered homeless people one-way tickets to other countries in Europe if they agree in writing not to return. 

Basel's migration services offer a rail ticket and a donation of just over $30 to any homeless person who requests it or airfare if the destination is too far to travel by train. 

In total 31 people took up the offer which included 14 from Romania, seven from Belgium, seven from Germany, two from Italy and one from France, 20 Minuten reported. 

Basel Department of Justice spokesperson Toprak Yergu told 20 Minuten, "beneficiaries must undertake in writing not to return to Switzerland - at least for a certain period of time. If they are checked again, they risk expulsion from our country."

The voluntary Rail Check covers tickets to any country in Europe that can be reached by train from the city or a flight worth up to nearly $100. 

Basel travel agent Roger Berberat told the outlet he has already made many reservations for people from Romania, even one man who introduced himself with two different identity cards on separate occasions. 

Despite Switzerland being a wealthy country, it is not immune to having a homeless population, Swissinfo reported. 

The country has received worldwide attention over the years for taking a strong stance against begging. 

In 2014, authorities in the country's capital fined a woman just over $860 for begging and then arrested her when she was unable to pay, Al Jazeera reported.  

The European Court of Human Rights faulted the country for imposing the fine and arresting the Romanian woman. 

In January, the court ordered Switzerland to pay over $1500 in moral damages to the woman after the country was found to have violated article eight of the European Convention of Human Rights, which guarantees the protection of private and family life.