Rotterdam mayor on damage control after Jeff Bezos reportedly wants to dismantle iconic bridge for his superyacht

Rotterdam's mayor is on damage control, as residents band together to protest Jeff Bezos dismantling an iconic bridge at the Dutch port.

Bezos reportedly wants to temporarily remove part of the bridge to fit his new superyacht through - but the city's mayor says no decision has been made yet.

When you've been to space and make around $200,000 every minute, where else is there for Jeff Bezos to go?

Not content with going above the atmosphere, he now wants to explore the seven seas.

But if residents of the Dutch port city of Rotterdam have their way, he's about to hit a dead-end before his voyage has even begun.

"This is the world's richest man, who evades taxes, and wants to mess with our monument. That's just not ok," Rotterdam resident Erik van Prooijen said.

The world's largest yacht is being built for the Amazon founder in the Netherlands.

But its 40 metre high masts would be too tall to fit under the landmark Koningshaven Bridge, on its way out to sea.

The solution: get rid of the bridge.

"It's stupid that they do it, they don't have character by doing it," Rotterdam resident Matthias van der Wilt said. 

Bezos and shipbuilders Oceanco have asked to remove the middle section of the bridge, so the $744 million yacht can pass through.

Despite city officials confirming the plan, Rotterdam's mayor said Bezos hasn't yet applied for a permit - and if he does, he'll have to foot the bill entirely.

This resident said if Bezos is paying and it creates work, then there are only upsides. But others are pointing to history.

The 95-year-old bridge was rebuilt after it was bombed by the Nazis - it's since stood proud as a symbol of Dutch resilience.

After a renovation in 2017, officials vowed it would never be dismantled again. 

"It's the more money you have, the more power you get, even though it goes against the principles of the city," van der Wilt said.

If the permit is approved, it would take around two weeks to remove and replace the section. 

But as Bezos' yacht sails through, it's likely to be met with a stinky reception - thousands of locals are warning they'll pelt it with rotten eggs.

For a man used to getting everything he wants - this could be a bridge too far.

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