Aussie tradie's furious rant at cyclists for biking too slow on roundabout

A furious motorist has taken the term road rage too far, getting out of his car to confront two cyclists on a busy road in Adelaide and unleashing a long and vicious tirade.

The dispute, which was posted on social media by one of the cyclists, all started because a tradie was frustrated with how slow two cyclists were biking.

The cyclists claim the driver illegally overtook them on a roundabout at an unsafe speed and distance before he pulled over to give them a nearly 10-minute rant in which he verbally abused the pair. 

In the video, the tradie argued the pair should "think logical" and give way to him because cyclists go too slow.

"What I'm saying is if you're incapable of applying road rules like everyone else, go to the side until it's safe. It's like crossing a road," he said.

To which, one of the cyclists hit back, saying there is no minimum speed for a bicycle.

"See that's bulls**t," the tradie replied. "That's where you need to use your brain and be a human part of society."

The pair go back and forth and when the tradie admitted the cyclists had the right of way the cyclist filming the altercation jumped in.

"So you just acknowledged that we had the right of way and you came into the roundabout, threatening our lives," the filmer said.

"Shut the f**k up," the tradie interrupted. "You're a nobody, you've been quiet, you're scared. At least he [the other cyclist] can talk to me like a man. You're a f***ing little p***y. Shut up."

"I can tell you don't even work," he continued. "I can tell from the personality you probably go home and you're a f***ing vegan."

"That's where you need to use your brain and be a human part of society."
"That's where you need to use your brain and be a human part of society." Photo credit: Reddit/Competitive-Mood4980

The cyclist then asks the tradie to not put their lives at risk by dangerous driving.

"I slowed down, if I didn't treat you like a human I would've drove you over," he said "F***ing think straight. If I didn't treat you like a human I'd come here and smack you, but I haven't."

"So I should be thankful that you're showing respect by not knocking me out?" the cyclist filming asked.

The motorist continued to verbally assault the pair, calling them "pussies", "little b***hes" and children.

"You're displaying your adulthood here right now the way your acting. The way you've pulled over and gotten out with your little tantrum because you had to slow down and lost two seconds of your journey on your way home," the cyclist said.

He then explained to the motorist the road rules of the situation. He clarified he entered the roundabout when there were no other vehicles and had a clear right of way, as he was turning around the roundabout the motorist approached them.

The cyclist said the tradie drove around the roundabout in a "dangerous manner" and too close to the cyclists. He said the tradie honked his horn and wound down his window to yell at them.

The tradie then suggested the pair will get hit riding slowly on the roundabout.

He eventually stormed back to his car and one of the cyclists called the police.