Australian theme park ride stops upside down leaving passengers 'trapped'

The group of 14 were trapped up there for a couple of minutes.
The group of 14 were trapped up there for a couple of minutes. Photo credit: Facebook//7 News

A theme park experience took a horrifying turn for a group after they found themselves stuck upside down 21 metres in the air.

On Sunday afternoon (local time) the group were riding the Doomsday Destroyer at Movie World in Queensland, Australia when it suddenly froze and left the 14 passengers on the ride stranded in the air for several minutes.

Amy Smith was one of the passengers on the ride when it stopped. She told 7 News it felt like the group had to wait for at least five minutes before they found out what was happening.

"Most of the riders who were trapped felt physically sick along with headaches, ear aches and sore muscles from being upside-down for so long," she told 7 News.

Smith's mother was watching from the ground and was told by the ride operator they didn't know how long it woud be before the ride would start again.

Shortly afterwards, four maintenance staff rushed over and brought the riders back to the ground, 7 News reported.

A spokesperson for the theme park said the ride stopped because of one of the rider's sensors was triggered.

"The Doomsday Destroyer's safety operating system automatically engaged as a result of a sensor activation," the spokesperson told 7 News

The spokesperson also told 7 News: "At no time were guests in any danger and we did not receive any reports of any injuries."