New details emerge about killing of New Zealander Christian Glass by US police

New details have emerged about the death of a New Zealand man at the hands of US police.

Christian Glass, originally from Christchurch, died after being shot by an officer last June.

Now an official report has found multiple failures by Colorado police.

"We're not gonna shoot you but we need you to come over here."

This is what the officer told Christian Glass when he told them he was scared.

At first, it was a relatively calm scene. Glass had called them because his car was stuck.

But within the next 60 minutes the situation got out of control, and ended tragically.

The 22-year-old, originally from New Zealand, told officers he had mental health problems. Officers say they were threatened by a knife Christian had in the car.

But a new police report found multiple failures, including by the officer who fired the shots, Andrew Buen.

It said: "Deputy Buen using deadly force against Mr Glass was not consistent with that of a reasonable officer."

It adds that: "Deputy Buen failed to use any de-escalation tactics from the onset of the incident."

Heartbreaking confirmation of what Christian's parents say they already knew.

"I think this is the first time the police have come out, because it was an internal investigation by Douglas County, so police have come out, and said, that police officer, did wrong," mother Sally Glass said.

The report said while Christian did pick up a knife, he threw it onto the passenger seat. It said he wasn't a risk to himself or others, until officers broke in.

"You may not break into my house and then when I am terrorised by you, use that terror to justify the brutality, the murder, the breaking into my home," lawyer Siddartha Rathod said.

In November a grand jury in the US decided two of the officers involved that night should face charges. They were both charged, one of them, with second-degree murder.

They'll reappear in court at the end of this month, while Christian's parents say they won't stop fighting for justice for their son.