Rural firefighter helps Queensland woman give birth during extreme flash floods

  • 18/01/2023

A rural Queensland firefighter had to help a mum give birth after she was trapped in her home amongst serious flooding and impassable roads.

Heavy rain has lashed the Australian state over the past four days, which is now easing, but warnings about flash floods remain.

Angel Mackay was in labour, stuck in her Eungella home in north Queensland, when she called for help.

Ian Smith, a local volunteer firefighter, was the only person who could reach her because ambulances and helicopters couldn't get to her in the treacherous weather conditions.

"It was 12 kilometres from me. I thought, well, [she] can't have a baby in this place. The rivers are coming up and I need to get phone service," Smith told 7News.

He managed to get through hectic debris and the pouring rain to get to Mackay's home.

"It was a different way to start the day!"

Smith's wife managed to convince Mackay to come back to their house and safely have the birth there.

Mackay gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the living room, with a nurse and retired doctor on hand too.

"I had to go and clear the roads with my own machine to get them out as well," said Smith.

"She's had a bit of a restless night, but that's to be expected."

Further extreme weather is expected to hit Queensland later this week.