Youngest Gold Coast helicopter crash victim wakes from coma

One of the two boys critically injured in a helicopter crash in the Gold Coast has reportedly awoken from his induced coma in hospital.

Nine-year-old Leon has been unconscious in Brisbane Children's Hospital after suffering brain trauma during Monday's collision.

Emergency services were called after two helicopters collided just after 2pm (local time) on Monday near Sea World. 

Four people died in the crash. They were pilot Ashley Jenkinson, Sydney woman Vanessa Tadros and British couple Diane and Ron Hughes. Tadros' 10-year-old son Nicholas is still in hospital, along with Geelong woman Winnie de Silva, 33, and her nine-year-old son Leon.

The other helicopter carrying six people, including two New Zealand families, managed to land on a sandbank, with the occupants only suffering minor injuries. 

A Queensland Health source has confirmed to Australian Associated Press Leon woke up on Thursday morning (local time).

Winnie and Leon.
Winnie and Leon. Photo credit: 9News

Leon's mother Winnie is in a stable condition and has been undergoing surgery in hopsital after sustaining two broken legs, and a broken shoulder and collarbone during the crash.

"Winnie's fighting. Her main priority is Leon [and] the extensive injuries that he has," husband and step-father Neil De Silva told 7News earlier on Thursday.

At the time, Neil told the outlet Leon hadn't opened his eyes but appeared to move his thumb.

"It wasn't a full thumbs up. He could only lift his thumb about halfway. But was fantastic news yesterday," he said.

The family were on holiday when Neil decided to treat the pair to a helicopter ride. He watched in horror as the tragic crash unfolded.

De Silva then waited two hours before he learned the pair were among the three survivors.

A Gofundme page for the family has reached over AUD$50,000.

Winnie De Silva recovers in hospital after the Gold Coast helicopter crash.
Winnie De Silva recovers in hospital after the Gold Coast helicopter crash. Photo credit: Gofundme

The third survivor on the helicopter, 10-year-old Sydney boy Nicholas Tadros, remains fighting for his life in an induced coma and on life support.

A Gofundme page to support the Tadros family said Nicholas' father Simon also witnessed the incident, which killed his wife, unfold and is "totally shattered".

"We are praying for a miracle that our Nicky, (as he is playfully known) can be brought back to his grief-stricken father Simon. If by God’s grace Nicky survives his catastrophic injuries, he will have an intense and protracted recovery period. Please keep him in your prayers," the page said.