An astonishing $10,000 tip from Millionaire leaves Australian waitress in tears

An Australian waitress was reduced to tears after being tipped AU$10,000 by a generous customer.

The customer tipped the young student waitress, Lauren while paying for his brunch bill at Italian Restaurant Gilson in South Yarra.

Lauren said she couldn't believe her eyes as it was happening, and asked the diner to repeat the number to be certain 7 News reported. 

"I made them say the number out loud, because I thought, what if I have just gotten too excited and I've stupidly read an extra zero, or something like that," she told 7 News.

Lauren was unsure if she was allowed to accept a tip of that size.

The generous customer requested that AU$7,000 would go to Lauren, and the remaining AU$3,000 to be split amongst the rest of the staff.

"I keep going over it again and again in my head. The actual experience of it happening, second by second, was surreal and amazing," she told 7 News. 

The man who tipped the young waitress is believed to be a self-made cryptocurrency businessman who reportedly owns more than AU$120m of property in Melbourne's suburb, Tarook.

One coworker was with Lauren when she broke down in tears.

"She came up to me crying, she was like 'is this real? Was it a mistake, what do I do?" Gilson Waitress Charlotte Crow told 7 News.

Crow joked that she should have focused more on the man's table, however she said Lauren deserved the large tip for being such a hard worker.

Her work colleagues encouraged Lauren to spend her money on a well earned vacation.

"I'm going to be honest, I've never been overseas, so the first thing that everyone was saying to me was to go on holiday," Lauren told 7 News. 

"That money is just going to help, a lot," she said.