Australian mum reveals horror after popular fruit leaves son burned

The young boy received burns down both arms.
The young boy received burns down both arms. Photo credit: Facebook

An Australian mum has shared a devastating photo of her son in hospital, after a common citrus fruit left him suffering with severe burns.

Catherine, from NSW shared her son's story on Facebook, telling how he ended up in an emergency after "juicing limes" with his cousins.

The young boy was squeezing limes, allowing the juice to run down his hands and arms.

The mum revealed that her son suffered a "margarita burn" also known as phytophotodermatitis.

This burn occurs when a chemical called furocoumarin, which is found in citrus fruits, reacts with sunlight.

A few days later, her son began to experience "some really bad burns" on his hands and arms.

"We received, and continue to receive amazing care and support," Catherine said.

She ended her public health announcement by warning parents: "Beware - limes and sun don't mix!"

In November, Tiny Hearts Education, a company providing first-aid for children, shared an Instagram post where a toddler had suffered similar burns on his chest due to lime exposure.

Another child experienced similar burns last year.
Another child experienced similar burns last year. Photo credit: Instagram/@tinyheartseducation

Another NSW woman suffered second-degree burns last summer after juicing limes for drinks on Boxing Day, having a reaction even after washing her hands multiple times.

Prevention tips

Ways you can minimise the risks of this type of burn, according to health website Healthline:

  • Putting sunscreen on before heading outdoors

  • Wearing gloves when gardening

  • Wearing pants and long sleeves in wooded areas

  • Washing your hands and other exposed parts of the skin immediately after being outdoors