President Joe Biden under pressure as new polls show Americans don't think he's achieved much

Americans are asking if President Joe Biden has what it takes to serve another term in the White House after his State of the Union speech.

Biden laid out a long list of accomplishments in his speech on Tuesday (local time), but new polls show Americans need more convincing.

More than 700 days into the job, Biden's approval ratings are low. And as he eyes another run for the Oval Office, he sought to reach out to Republicans.

"We're often told Democrats and Republicans can't work together but over the last year we've proved the cynics and naysayers wrong," Biden said during his speech.

"Conflict for the sake of conflict gets us nowhere."

In the audience at Biden's speech, there were a number of Americans who have risen to fame for the wrong reasons.

Among them were the parents of Tyre Nichols, the Memphis man beaten to death by police in January.

Biden was visibly emotional when discussing the conversations Black families are forced to have with their children.

"'Don't reach for your licence, keep your hands on the steering wheel'. Imagine having to worry like that every time.

Also invited was Brandon Tsay, 26, the man who wrestled a gunman who killed 11 people in Los Angeles last month.

The President reiterated his plan to stop more shootings like that. His comments left some Republicans shaking their heads.

"Ban assault weapons now! Ban them now," Biden said.

For over an hour, Biden spoke to a TV audience in the tens of millions. A chance for what some are calling his 'soft launch'.

The State of the Union in Washington comes as Biden prepares to announce he's seeking re-election.

Reports in Washington indicate that could happen in the next two weeks. It will be an uphill battle though - a new poll shows 62 percent of Americans think Biden hasn't achieved much.

If he does announce though, there'll be two serious contenders already - Donald Trump and Biden - meaning it could well be 'rematch 2024'.