Queensland man's rare Holden Commodore ruined after mechanic takes it for spin

A Queensland man's rare 1986 Holden Commodore VL is ruined after a mechanic took it for a test drive and crashed it.

The mechanic was taking the vehicle which is worth around $AUD150,000 (NZD$161,820.00) for a spin when he lost control and crashed it into three parked cars.

One of the owners of the parked cars Rob Sardinha told 7 News Australia he wasn't too phased his car had been crashed into.

"It is what it is. Accidents happen and if accidents didn't happen I wouldn't have a job to fix cars," Sardinha told 7 News Australia.

Several people had mixed feelings about the rare car being ruined.

On 7 News Australia's Facebook page, one person commented: "beautiful car ruined. I would be devastated."

Another commented "Well that was an expensive little outing hopefully for the mechanic."

A third commented "one less bogan mobile on the road."

7 News Australia reported police have launched an investigation into how the crash happened but no charges have been laid.