South Korean woman finally passes driver's licence test after 960 attempts and $21k in costs

Cha Sa-Soon with brand new car
Cha Sa-Soon with brand new car Photo credit: Reddit

A South Korean woman who spent over $21,000 on her driver's licence and finally succeeded on her 960th attempt has gone viral once again. 

Cha Sa-Soon amassed worldwide attention in 2005 due to her persistence in getting her driver's licence despite many failed attempts. 

She took the first written test in April 2005, according to the Daily Mail UK, but after she didn't succeed she tried again the next day. 

This turned into Sa-Soon retaking the test every day, five days a week for three years. 

She then reduced this to twice a week until, after 860 written tests, she passed. 

Next came the practical test, which after 100 goes Sa-Soon had under her belt as well.

The Daily Mail reports that this would have cost €12,500 or NZ$21,776. 

The woman never gave up on her goal and said she needed to learn to drive for her vegetable-selling business. 

According to her driving instructor at Jeonbuk Driving School, when she passed it felt like a huge burden off of their backs.

"We hadn't the guts to tell her to quit because she kept showing up," he told The Daily Mail.

He also shared that when she finally passed they all cheered and brought her flowers to congratulate her. 

The woman was even gifted a brand new car by South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai for her diligent efforts. 

Her story has recently reemerged on Reddit with many users debating whether she deserved the licence after all. 

One said: "At that point, you have to wonder whether she passed because she understands the material or because of a fluke."

Another one added, "sounds like she would be a menace on the roads".

With some putting it down to the driving school for not having stricter restraints.  

"That sounds like a systemic failure. It wastes everyone's time if you don't have a mandatory one-month or one-week wait period. Otherwise, you just have people coming back and trying to shotgun the test over and over instead of studying."

Someone else commented with sympathies for the driver, "fall 959 times, get up 960. But seriously this kinda makes me sad, did she not have anyone help her study?"

Another joined in and said, "that kind of persistence deserves a new car".