Watch: Man attempts to flee Los Angeles cops on skateboard

A Los Angeles man has been captured on video attempting to escape police via skateboard last week after being spotted with a missing vehicle. 

Police were alerted to a stolen vehicle report at 6:00 am on Monday and quickly arrived at the scene. 

They soon identified a vehicle matching the description of the missing car on Exposition Boulevard and Western Avenue in the suburb of Leimert Park.

Footage shows police tailing the vehicle which begins to speed up and cut corners trying to avoid them. 

The officers can be heard requesting backup units, a supervisor and an air unit to assist in following the truck and its alleged driver, later identified as Pedro Villalobos.

As the chase continues, the video captures Villalobos turning quickly and hitting a parked car with the attached trailer and continuing on. 

He continued to speed up, eventually losing control of the vehicle causing it to swerve and stop at an intersection where he then made a run for it. 

Officers on the scene told him to remain where he was but Villalobos fled, riding away on a skateboard. 

Several officers pursued Villalobos on foot while additional units drove ahead of him, with one police officer attempting to grab Villalobos as he passed on his skateboard. 

As he tried to dodge the officer, they collided, causing him to fall over where police then arrested him. 

Villalobos was transported by ambulance to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries before being taken into custody.