Connecting with New Zealand's Scott Base in Antarctica now easier after Starlink installed

Starlink is taking Netflix and chill to a whole new level at New Zealand's most remote outpost.

With the installation of its first Starlink dish, Scott Base is now equipped with the very latest in real-time communication capability.

Connecting with Antarctica is now easier than ever with Starlink bringing a whole new world of communication.

"It's a little bit like when we all moved from dial-up to broadband in our own homes," Antarctica New Zealand's chief scientific advisor Jordy Hendrikx said.

It's changing the way our scientists work on the ice.

"One of the big challenges that we've always had in Antarctica is around that connectivity to the outside world, you can go and collect data as a scientist but typically that's meant bringing it back with you," Hendrikx said.

For those down there, it also means from the comforts of home.

"Ohhh we've got Netflix mate," winter base leader Greg Kukutai said.

"Thank god for that, we've got Sky Sport links so we've connected that up to the main TV in the bar."

Kukutai knows Antarctica well, he was first stationed there more than 30 years ago. Back then calling home looked very, very different.

"Once a fortnight we'd gather in a building in McMurdo, the telephone would get transferred through Scott Base and then Scott Base will call the phone number back home," Kukutai said.

Keeping in touch has never been more important. His daughter gave birth just last week.

"I can sit there and Facetime them and actually watch moko get bathed and changed and I don't get dirty hands from it," he said.

All thanks to the Starlink connection.

"I wake up in the morning you know a proud grandfather. Don't tell anyone that. You know, walk around with my grandson's photos on my phone," Kukutai said.

Bringing some light just in time as the base goes into six months of darkness during the winter season.