Australian mum gives birth to remarkable twins carried in two separate wombs

A Melbourne mum has given birth to a remarkable set of twins - remarkable because they were carried in separate wombs, of which the mum has two.

And that's not the only unlikely twist in a story that defied the odds, which doctors have described as 50 million-to-one.

New mum Madeline Kakilos says her two sons Nat and Cole aren't your ordinary little boys.

"We can’t wait to tell them how special they are," she said.

Kakilos was born with two uteruses and polycystic ovaries, and was told she'd struggle to conceive.

It was on the 10th round of IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) when her fertility clinicians "found out we were pregnant with twins," she said, having been conceived two days apart - with one foetus in each womb.

"That was a shock," she added.

One boy was conceived via IVF, the other was conceived naturally

"We are very lucky. I don't think it will ever sink in," said Kakilos.

The odds of it happening are one in 50 million, and her doctors were relieved when she gave birth just six weeks early.

"It was probably an outcome better than what we expected. We were very lucky to be able to get 34.5 weeks, so the babies only spent a few weeks in the nursery," one of the doctors said.

Now as happy and healthy 12-week-olds, their dad is counting down the days until they’re a little bigger

"Can't wait for them to be older and take them to the footy and play golf," dad said.

Two boys, making one very happy family.