Young UK boy injured after 'freak gust of wind' thrusts him into air while he's in inflatable ball

  • 08/06/2023
"We thought it was a balloon at first."
"We thought it was a balloon at first." Photo credit: TikTok @shhhhh_guess

Terrifying footage has emerged of the moment a boy in the UK was carried into the air and thrown on the ground while inside an inflatable Zorb ball.

The Liverpool Echo reported the nine-year-old boy is injured after the inflatable ball he was inside was blown up into the air by what's being described as "a freak gust of wind" on Sunday afternoon (local time).

It's reported festival-goers attending the UK's Southport Food and Drink Festival watched in horror as the seethrough ball was carried high up into the air before landing hard on the ground. 

In footage posted to social media platform TikTok, the Zorb ball with the young boy inside can be seen flying through the air at speed.

The Liverpool Echo reported onlookers rushed to the ball once it hit land. 

A witness of the horrifying moment told the Liverpool Echo it was "quite breezy" until a gust of wind pick up the ball and blew it through the air.

"We thought it was a balloon at first before we realised it was one of the inflatables with a child inside."

Another said the Zorb ball was picked up from a water pool before it was thrown on top of a wheelie bin.

"The Zorb popped on impact, leaving the boy on the ground."

Local police and ambulance service arrived at the scene as well as an air ambulance before the young boy was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.