Scorching heat fuels bushfires in Western Australia, 10 homes destroyed so far

Scorching heat with 40C temperatures is fueling bushfires in Western Australia.

Many homes in and around northern Perth have been lost, and hundreds were evacuated as the fires burn their way into the north of the city.

Raining ash and embers, it's an apocalyptic scene with danger on so many doorsteps.

"You need to get back around into that area!" said one firefighter, all captured on video as they fled the heart of a neighbourhood inferno.

You could barely see through the smoke at 10am. The ominous sound of sirens echoed out.

Adding to the horror - a chilling scream came from within one home as the fire moved fast and furiously through each street.

"Is there someone in the house?" one woman could be heard yelling.

"The f**king neighbour's house is on fire!" said a man driving past.

Fueled by a lethal cocktail of hot, dry, and windy conditions, Perth has been engulfed in scorching temperatures of 40C.

While fire waits for no one, some residents fearlessly wait for it to arrive.

One woman said she'd find shelter "probably in the [shipping] container" on her front lawn.

But where the fires have already passed, you can hear the heartbreak in the residents' voices.

"No it's not there. It's not there anymore. It's gone, it's gone," said Emma De Bie, as she returned to all that was left of her family home. 

"One of the ladies who let us through said one of the houses made it, and she goes 'it might be yours' and we just had a little bit of hope," De Bie said.

Ten families are now without homes, while the fire still rages on.