Five teenagers arrested over fatal stabbing of Australian grandmother

A Brisbane grandmother who was stabbed to death in front of her granddaughter was targeted by a group who wanted to steal her car. 

Five teenage boys have now been arrested over the death of 70-year-old Vyleen White. 

White was allegedly stabbed to death near her car in an underground car park at the Town Square Redbank Plains shopping centre. 

At the suburban supermarket on Monday there was an outpouring of grief at the place of an unthinkable crime towards an innocent grandmother, who was viciously stabbed while walking to her car with groceries.  

"It's an abhorrent, cowardly attack," police told media.  

Worse - because the violent attack unfolded in front of Vyleen White's 6-year-old granddaughter  

The terrified girl ran for help and found off-duty doctor Ademola Afolabi. 

"It was a lot for her very awful situation for a little girl to witness. That is awful she won't forget that," Afolabi said.  

He desperately tried to save White's life, but couldn't. He described the situation as "painful." 

"It's painful, I would say just," Afolabi said.   

After stabbing White, the killer then stole her car and drove it down the road.  

The group of offenders, one as young as 15 years old, could be seen calmly getting out of the car and walking away at 6:30pm - just half an hour after the attack. 

"This is the murder of a grandmother in front of her granddaughter," police stressed.  

Family have visited the scene of death, including including White's 49-year-old blind husband years whom she cared for. 

He is now mourning the death of his wife who family describe as a loving, compassionate and caring person.