Australian tradie arrested after Aboriginal children found tied up in driveway

  • 07/03/2024

An Australian tradesman has been arrested after he tied up three Aboriginal children for allegedly swimming in his client's pool. 

A neighbour told 9News the tradie was working at the property and allegedly found the children in his client's pool.  

The man then tied the children's wrists with cable ties and called police. 

"They were frightened, they were crying, shaking and singing out for their mum," local Leandra McKenzie told the outlet. 

Relative Asharahni Lilwayno live-streamed on Facebook the moment she confronted the tradie after discovering the children tied up in the driveway. 

Before she arrived she saw one of the children snap the cable ties with his hands, jump the fence and flee down the road. 

"It was just upsetting, we were so angry with him just shouting at him, telling him to let them go but he just didn’t want to listen to us," Lilwayno told the West Australian. 

In the video, the two remaining children can be heard wailing with one crying out "don't charge us, no".  

Lilwayno told the outlet they tried to get the man to cut the cables but he didn't want to let them go. 

Police eventually arrived at the home after receiving reports of trespassing, however, they instead ended up charging the tradesman with three counts of aggravated assault. 

Police said the assault was "confronting" and confirmed an investigation was underway. The accused has been granted bail and will appear in court at a later date.