Kiwi man nearly killed after being stabbed while holidaying in Bali

  • 06/03/2024
Izaeah Wilson in hospital.
Izaeah Wilson in hospital. Photo credit: Gofundme

A Kiwi man had a brush with death after being stabbed by a group of men while holidaying overseas.

Izaeah Wilson, who was living in Australia, was on holiday in Bali with his friend Peter Nye when the pair were assaulted by a group of men outside of a mini mart in Kuta.

It was the pair's last night in Bali, so they had gone out for a meal and were reportedly planning on having an early night to get ready for their flight home the following day.

A police source told the Daily Mail Australia the two men had been at a nightclub in Seminyak with Nye's girlfriend Scarlett Carruthers.

The source said a man allegedly harassed Carruthers before the three left the nightclub. Carruthers was dropped back at the hotel and the men reportedly went to buy beers from a nearby shop when they bumped into the man from earlier and his friend.

A fight broke out and a bottle was used to stab the pair. Nye suffered injuries to his face, neck, head, eye, chest, both arms and ear. Wilson was also severely injured.

"My boyfriend nearly lost his eyesight and now has to have cosmetic surgery on his face and Izeaeh nearly lost his life due to blood loss, he was given 30 minutes to live if we didn't get to the hospital on time," Carruthers wrote on a GoFundMe page.

Izaeah Wilson (left) and Peter Nye.
Izaeah Wilson (left) and Peter Nye. Photo credit: Gofundme

She is fundraising to pay the pair's $65,000 surgeries. 

"We are now stuck in hospital where they won't perform any surgery until we pay for the bill first, the bill for my partner is $50k minimum and the bill for Izeah is $15k minimum," she wrote.

"We then need to pay for accommodation and now book new flights home as we missed our original ones.

"We know we should have gotten travel insurance but unfortunately we were stupid and forgot, not expecting anything like this to happen."

Wilson has since flown back to Australia and reportedly has plans to return to New Zealand.