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Watch: New Zealand scientists in Antarctica say ozone hole healing

Ozone hole smallest since discovery - NASA

Unusually warm temperatures are causing it to shrink.

Watch: A Newshub reporter went camping on an ice shelf in Antarctica.

Largest iceberg in 50 years breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

It will be monitored to minimise its threat to shipping.

Fancy a trip to Antarctica?

'Unprecedented' trip to Antarctica up for grabs from Airbnb

But it's not going to be all sunning yourself in the snow.

The team heading to the ice this summer are undergoing intensive fire and emergency training.

Helicopter engulfed in fire during Scott Base emergency scenario

The team was forced to retrieve the person on board.

Watch: Scientists have been trying to project what would happen to Auckland if a volcano erupted.

Lake of lava found sizzling on sub-Antarctic island

It's only the eighth such lake of its type ever discovered.

Weatherwatch provides the latest update for the weather this weekend.

Weather system 'larger than Australia' to slam NZ with cold air

The chill is expected to last all of next week.

The sea ice around Cape Bird has melted early right when the penguins need it, to fish for their young chicks.

Funding boost for Kiwi Antarctic research programmes

They will look at the impact of climate change on New Zealand and the globe.

Watch: Kiwi scientists made a 'surprising' discovery while testing Loch Ness in search of its monster.

Loch Ness Monster lookalike found in Antarctica

The discovery of an 11m fossil has answered a paleontological mystery.

Watch: Students throughout New Zealand hit the streets marching for climate change.

The terrifying ice graph that's shocked climate scientists

"The melting is big and early."

Watch: Newshub Politics team break down Budget 2019.

Trans funding, refugee quota: What else did Budget 2019 cover?

The Wellbeing Budget delivered on mental health - but it covered a whole lot more.

A new study has discovered that parts of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica are melting at unprecedented levels.

New Zealand monitoring possible 3.5m Antarctic sea-level rise

GNS Science says its helping avoid a "catastrophic" event.

The research has been carried out during the past four years.

Parts of ice shelf in Antarctica melting at 'unprecedented levels'

New Zealand scientists were involved in the research.

The sea ice around Cape Bird has melted early right when the adelie penguins need it to fish for their young chicks.

World's second largest penguin colony 'disappears overnight'

Thousands of chicks have been wiped out.

King penguin Loaf.

Quiz: Which penguin personality are you most like?

To celebrate World Penguin Day, Newshub looks at some plucky penguins.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern unveiled the design at Parnell Rose Gardens on Friday.

'We look to the sky': Final design selected for National Erebus Memorial

It includes cut-out snowflakes, to be gifted to the families.

Watch: What's really going on in Antarctica? Newshub addresses the conspiracies.

Flat Earth cruise to Antarctica is 'blatantly false', conference founder says

He warns people shouldn't believe everything they see.

The 'Boxfish' aims to capture rare glimpses of strange and beautiful creatures under the ice.

Kiwi-made 'underwater drone' captures rare Antarctic sea dwellers

"No one's ever dived on the sea floor to that depth outside Scott Base."

Dr Pat Langhorne

Scientist's 1970s rejection for being a woman

The traditionally male-dominated area is changing.

The whale encounter.

Watch: Scientist captures incredible moment killer whale offers up special gift

"The only way I can describe it is like when a cat offers you a mouse."

Alex Hillary is following in the footsteps of his explorer grandfather.

Alex Hillary follows grandfather’s footsteps

Sir Ed's grandson is going to Antarctica, but he won't be driving a Massey Ferguson.