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Seals in Antarctica test out the latest research technology 14 minutes ago

Will the cameras get the 'seal' of approval?

McMurdo Station is located on Ross Island, Antarctica.

Technicians dead at Antarctica station after being found unconscious

Just months ago another researcher was nearly murdered in Antarctica.

Antarctica is losing its ice three times faster than just six years ago.

Radioactive rocks heating Antarctica from below

While Antarctica isn't going to melt away overnight, it could contribute to sea level rises.

Aucklanders might not have as much time to evacuate in the event of a volcanic eruption as previously thought.

Historian reveals the worst year in human history

The dystopian 2018 we live in is nothing compared to the horrors humanity faced then.

This year's Penguin of the Year Awards were won by naughty duo Timmy and Mo.

Attenborough says penguins should have been left to die

His crew saved their lives, making things "infinitely worse" according to the broadcaster.


'Mind-blowing': Kiwi's incredible video of 'dancing' seal

"I got some unique footage... I'm really lucky."


Rob Fyfe calls for Pike River apology

"It's important we have the courage to acknowledge when we've done wrong."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the United Nations in September that the world isn't ready to face climate change.

Paris Agreement regulations won't stop ice sheet collapse - report

Scientists have issued a grim warning.

Mt Erebus.

Govt asks for help with Erebus Memorial design

A national memorial will be built in Auckland for the disaster.

The tabular iceberg in Antarctica.

Unusually perfect iceberg forms off Antarctica

It's called a tabular iceberg.

New research has found wind blowing across the Ross Ice Shelf creates an eerie sound.

Listen: The sad reason Antarctica is making a humming noise

Scientists believe it's a warning sign.


Auckland teens set to kayak around Antarctica

They'll be led by a champion Olympian.


Bizarre 'majestic headless chicken monster' spotted in Southern Ocean for the first time

In the words of the Australian Antarctic Division - "behold".

The square iceberg.

NASA makes odd discovery in Antarctic ice

There's only one good explanation for how it got there.

Video: What it takes to camp in Antarctica

Antarctica storms strand scientists in NZ

It is the longest delay to scientists' work in decades.

Planning and urban design expert David Dixon speaks to The AM Show on adapting to climate change.

Scientists suggest building walls to stop sea level rises

It sounds like something right out of climate change-denier Donald Trump's playbook.

Antarctica NZ's acting environmental manager Rebecca Roper-Gee shares how you can live like a researcher.

Four simple lessons you can learn from Antarctica about sustainability

Live like a researcher on Scott Base.

A NASA satellite designed to precisely measure changes in Earth's ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation was launched into polar orbit from California.

Scientists propose underwater walls to prevent melting

The 300m high barriers could stop warm water from reaching the glaciers under the sea.

South Island farmers are being warned livestock could die in the icy conditions.

Major Antarctic blast heading to NZ

South Island farmers are being warned livestock could die in the icy conditions.

Peter Beggs.

Antarctica NZ chief executive's employment not yet terminated

The government agency investigated Peter Beggs' conduct as CEO.