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US-backed fighters in Syria are poised to capture Islamic State's last, tiny enclave on the Euphrates.

IS fighters hide behind human shields in final stand

The self-declared caliphate is facing total territorial defeat - but it's unlikely to be the end.

Watch: Pope Francis visits Ireland.

Cardinal who abused children banished from the Catholic Church

One of Theodore McCarrick's victims expressed relief that Pope Francis believed him.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a White House press briefing.

Trump's President because God wanted him to be - Sanders

"I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times."


Pope Francis rules out changing priest celibacy rules

But he may allow married men in remote areas become priests.

Nathan Phillips at the protest.

Covington student lying, but I want to forgive - elder

The Native American man at the centre of the Covington racism controversy says he's "still angry".

A sculpture depicting Ronald McDonald being crucified has angered Christians in Israel.

'McJesus' sculpture angers Christians

The piece has caused violent protests in Israel.


The Church of Satan praises Christian Bale

Satanists loved his Golden Globes speech - but Fox News sure didn't.

Jeremy and Zoe Max with two of their three children.

Former Gloriavale man killed in motorbike crash

He leaves behind his wife and three young children.

Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch says Thai officials need to intervene.

Saudi woman who renounced Islam detained on her way to Australia

She's stranded in Bangkok, with officials planning to send her back. She says she'll be killed.


US pulling out of Syria, citing defeat of Islamic State

But there are fears the withdrawal could give the militant extremists a chance to rebuild.


Gloriavale dad kicked out for questioning religious sect's leadership

He is the second man to be kicked out in just over a week.

Judah 1 hopes to fly the message of the Lord to billions.

World's first Christian airline launches in Texas

Judah 1 hopes to fly the message of the Lord to billions.

Watch: Former Prime Minister Sir John Key's son Max speaks out about online bullying, mental health and suicide.

Priest tells mourning parents their son won't get into heaven

The teenager committed suicide - a mortal sin - the priest said at the funeral.


Father of two kicked out of Gloriavale for disloyalty

He's been accused of speaking to people outside the religious sect.

Should Christian traditions be taught in schools?

God didn't have consent to impregnate Mary, professor claims

A Satanic psych professor has sparked anger among Christians.

The AM Show

Should Christian traditions be taught in schools?

One expert says society will struggle to maintain its morals without Christianity.

Watch: The Pope last year spoke out against cellphones.

Satanic statue installed at US state capitol

It appears right next to a Christmas tree and a Jewish menorah.

US actor Tom Cruise, a Scientologist, visited the Church of Scientology in Auckland in August last year.

'Indoctrination': Questions over Scientology church's free service

"One may not like this, but it's not illegal."


Rātana issues stern warning to Jacinda Ardern's Govt

Some followers are worried Labour's taking advantage of the church's support.

She posted a heartbreaking video while waiting for the ambulance to pick her up.

'White people are disgusting' - Sinead O'Connor after converting to Islam

"What I'm about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it."