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Donald Trump.

Trump 'just having fun' when he claimed to be the 'chosen one'

It was sarcasm, it was joking, we were all smiling. A question like that is just fake news."


Bullied Muslim teenager creates toy to spread awareness about acceptance

"They start turning those questions into hurtful comments, saying I'm a terrorist."

Rohingya refugees.

Rohingya rapes proof of Myanmar's genocidal intent - UN

Investigators have accused Myanmar's government of failing to hold anyone accountable.

US correspondent Sandy Hughes spoke to The AM Show about Trump's racist tweets.

Israel bars Muslim US Congresswomen from visiting

Donald Trump called on the country to keep out Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Watch: A man who lost his son in the mosque shooting speaks to media outside court.

'It's something very dangerous': Man who lost son responds to alleged shooter's letter

Brenton Tarrant sent a six-page letter to a man in Russia from Auckland Prison.

Watch: Muslim women say Islamophobia worse after Christchurch mosque attack.

Which religious groups do Kiwis trust the most and least?

A religious minority has come out on top in a new survey.

The mosque where the shooting took place.

Dead woman found at Norway mosque suspect's address

He didn't manage to kill anyone at the house of worship.

Brent and Ashley Walker.

Dramatic 'transformation': Pictures show couple before, after meth addiction

They are now "sober and living for God".

Watch: Protests in India against Pakistan erupted earlier this year.

Mass evacuation in Kashmir after threats against Hindu pilgrims

Indian security officials said there is evidence of attacks planned by Pakistani military-backed militants.

Watch: Tom Cruise visits the Church of Scientology in Auckland in 2017.

Ex-Scientologist claims Tom Cruise trained to disown daughter Suri

"If a kid dies, it doesn’t really matter to them."

Liz Gregory speaks to the AM Show.

What happens after people leave Gloriavale

A trust is helping members of the reclusive community rejoin society.

The Harrison family fled Gloriavale five years ago.

The woman helping people flee Gloriavale

She says there has been an influx in people leaving the community

Hawaiians are protesting against the telescope.

'The ultimate disrespect': Kiwis join protest against construction on sacred Hawaiian mountain

The mountain is where native Hawaiians connect with their Gods.

"I didn't think I was crazy, I just thought there was something wrong with me," Gui Taccettii told Newshub.

Artist unveils agony felt as a gay man in new photography exhibition

"I thought there was something wrong with me."

Ueta Vea has been sentenced in the Auckland High Court.

Man jailed for life for murdering church-bell ringer with machete

He earlier pleaded guilty to the murder of the 62-year-old man.

No settlement has been reached between Folau and Rugby Australia so far.

Israel Folau has a right to be 'dopey', says Barnaby Joyce

"If someone is a complete dill, they're going to find themselves out of the job."

The Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama just joking about having an 'attractive' female successor

He says the humour was lost in translation.

The Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama says a female successor would have to be 'attractive'

Outraged people are calling for his Nobel Peace Prize to be taken away.

Watch: Israel Folau and Rugby Australia fail to reach agreement.

Gay employees may have sued if Folau not dropped - Rugby Australia

Chairman Cameron Clyne says the issue is bigger than Folau.

Watch: The burkini - symbol of freedom or oppression?

Nudists dive into brawl over pool burkini ban

French nudists are set to protest against Muslim women who want to swim in public wearing burkinis.