Financial security key for holiday season

  • 20/12/2012

The holiday season is a time when people need to be conscious of security when making financial transactions.

The Bankers Association has issued some safety tips on how to avoid frauds and scams over the holidays, and chief executive Kirk Hope  says customers should be especially vigilant about their EFTPOS cards.

“Guard your card, protect your PIN, and cover up,” he says.  “So essentially treat your card like cash.”

“Don’t pass out your PINs and passwords to other people, and if you’re at an ATM taking money out, make sure you cover up your password.”

Mr Hope says it is also important to be security-conscious when banking via mobile phones.

“If you’re using mobile banking through your mobile phone make sure you don’t leave the application on, navigate away from the application, then close your phone down,” he says.

Internet users should also be sure to only access banking through their own bank’s website, and to make sure they are using a secure connection.

Watch the video for the full interview with Kirk Hope

source: newshub archive